The 45 minute full body workout on a bike.

The Psycle workout is specifically designed to strengthen the body's core and tone key body parts whilst burning maximum calories. Light hand weights are used to tone the upper body whilst movement out of the saddle increases the engagement of core muscles and raises the heart rate.

Cleated shoes are worn by everyone, increasing the connection between the leg and the bike, engaging the hamstrings and glute muscles resulting in lean, toned legs - and no big thighs!

Our high energy classes are set to playlists that will charge your workout with positivity and emotion. The music helps to push your body and metabolism out of its comfort zone in short, sharp sessions. We choose tracks for their strong lyrical content and energy level, not just for the beats per minute. The playlists are tailored for each different class making sure they are suitable for the time of day and week. The ambition is simple - to help you forget about how hard you are working, instead allowing you to lose yourself and enjoy the session.