About Us

Who We Are

Psycle is a premium boutique fitness brand that offers a collection of class based workouts across London. Our immersive, energetic workouts are designed to help clear your mind and transform your body alongside a passionate community of like-minded individuals. With four different workouts and a team of highly knowledgeable instructors, Psycle classes harness the transformative power of movement to help every individual optimise their fitness and wellbeing.

Our mission is to empower everyone, everywhere to own their life’s beat. By training our mind and our body, we strive to help people unlock their full potential and become the best version of themselves physically and emotionally.

Founded only five years ago, Psycle is one of the most well-known and respected boutique fitness brands in the UK today.

Getting started
We want working out to be simple for everyone. All of our classes can be booked quickly and easily on our website. Just create an account, buy a credit bundle and book a class at one of our four London studios. If you're a first timer please arrive 20 minutes before your class so that we can check you in, introduce you to your instructor and get you set up and ready to work out!

If you want to come and look around one of our studios before your first class, please feel free to contact the studio directly and they will be happy to organise a time for you to come along.
Buying Credits
One class equals one credit, it's as easy as that. To book a class, all you need to do is buy credits from the 'Buy' section of our website. We have two types of credit - Standard and Buddy.

Standard credits are used to book yourself into a class, and a Buddy credit can be used if you want to bring a friend to your class with you. Unfortunately, you can't use a Buddy credit independently to a Standard credit as we want friends to work out together rather than separately.

Credits can be used at all of our studios unless they've been specifically allocated to one of our locations. We do have a few classes, like our '90 Minute Ride' that require two credits to book into, but don't worry we'll remind you when you're booking so that you know.

We want you to come as often as you can, as you will feel and see the benefits the more you work out. This is why we have an expiry on your credit bundles, as we all know sometimes you need a bit of extra motivation to get into class.
Booking Classes
Our booking window opens every Monday at noon and you can book into any class until the following Tuesday. Booking for each class stays open until four minutes before it starts, but we would definitely recommend booking in as early as you can to guarantee a spot.

If your favourite class is fully booked, 30 minutes before it starts you can add yourself to the walk-in waitlist in the studio, to try your luck at grabbing any last-minute spots that might become available.

You can book yourself and up to three friends into a class. If you want to book more than this then you just need to contact the studio and ask them about booking a private ride.
Check In
If it's your first time please make sure you arrive at the studio 20 minutes before your class, so that we can check you in, show you around the studio and get you set up to enjoy your first workout at Psycle.

If you've been before, you need to have checked in at the studio four minutes before class starts, we recommend getting there before this though, so you've got time to get changed, pre-order your post-workout shake from our Energy Kitchen and get yourself ready for class.

Four minutes before the class starts we will open up any available spaces to the walk-in waitlist. When the studio door closes the workout has officially started, and the door won’t open again until the end of the class.
If a class is full you can add yourself to one of our waitlists, we have two - our Online Waitlist and our Walk-in Waitlist.

Online Waitlist

If you're on our online booking window, you can opt to join the waitlist for any fully booked classes. As soon as a spot becomes available we'll automatically allocate spaces on a first come, first served basis. You don't need a credit to join the online waitlist but you will need a credit in your account when a space becomes available to secure your spot.

If a spot becomes available within two hours of the class starting (up until 30 minutes prior) and you're on the waitlist, you'll be sent an email to ask if you want to accept it. To secure the spot, click on the link and make sure you have a credit in your account to be allocated.

For any early-riser classes (6am-9.30am) we won't automatically allocate spaces after 10pm the night before, we will send an email asking if you want to accept the booking, and to accept, you need to click on the link in the email.


If a class is full, you can let our Front Desk team know that you want to be added to our walk-in waitlist. You can only do this in the studio, we can't do this via email or phone unfortunately.

Any spaces that become available will be allocated four minutes before the class on a first come first served basis, so make sure you are at the ready to get into class!

For RIDE classes - if you want to grab a bike closer to the front of the class, let a Front Desk team member know and they can see if a bike becomes available prior to class starting.
We understand that life sometimes throws curveballs, and if you can't make it to class we ask that you cancel your spot at least 12 hours before. This is to give us enough time to make sure nobody else misses out on that class. Any spaces cancelled before the cancellation window will be automatically returned to your account.

If you cancel within 12 hours your class credit will be forfeited. However, if the class is full at the start time of the class your credit will be returned.

We have a strict no refund policy on any classes cancelled 2 hours or less before. No exceptions.
New to PSYCLE?
Our classes are suitable for all ability and experience levels, and if you are new to Psycle we will make sure we take extra care of you, which is why we ask you get to your first class 20 minutes beforehand. The best thing about Psycle is that it’s all about pushing yourself and training your mind to realise how much you can actually achieve. We do have some intro classes and workshops for some of our workouts throughout the year, so if you’re new to Psycle keep an eye out for those on the timetable.

It’s recommended that you do 150 minutes of cardiovascular exercise per week, so, if you’re committed to seeing a real improvement in how you feel and look, we would recommend coming at least three times a week to maximise the overall benefits you’ll experience.
What to bring
All you need is your workout gear, we've got everything else covered! We have workout towels waiting for you at check-in (or on your bike for RIDE), fluffy white bath towels and Sachajuan hair and body products for your post-workout shower, and hairdryers and straighteners to get you ready for whatever you do after class.

For all of our workouts make sure you bring clothes that are easy to move in and that you feel comfortable wearing when you workout. We have a full range of apparel that you can buy if you want something fresh to wear to class or if you’ve left something at home.

Don’t forget to pop your phone in your locker prior to class starting as we want you to immerse yourself in the Psycle experience and being on your phone while trying to workout isn’t safe and is likely to distract you and others in the class.

For our RIDE classes, we have PSYCLE cleated shoes for you to use in class and they're free of charge, but if you prefer to use your own feel free to bring them with you.

Staying hydrated when you workout is vital - you've got an intense sweat heading your way, so make sure you've packed your water bottle... you're going to need it! We have water stations for you to fill up your bottles, and if you don't have a bottle with you we have PSYCLE bottles you can buy at check-in.

After class, give your body the perfect post-workout recovery from our Energy Kitchen, where we have a full menu of shakes, grab and go snacks, nutritional boosters and fresh roasted coffee.