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Starting on Monday 15th, our Energy Coach service gives you the chance to get one-to-one advice from one of our Psycle London trainers. In these free sessions you’ll have the chance to learn about our different classes and which one of these workouts is best for your body type. You'll also learn how to build an effective fitness programme to ensure you reach the goals you set.

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In these 30 minute sessions you will learn about our barre, hiit, yoga and ride classes so that you can understand which class is best for you. If you are not sure what your fitness goals are then we'll take you through a goal setting session to help tailor your programme and receive the expert guidance needed to build a fitness regime suited to your goals and body. After you have started your journey you will have the chance to check-in with your Energy Coach and monitor progress and refine your programme if needed. After you have completed your 30 minute session, you'll have the option to go through bespoke credit bundles tailored to your programme with your coach.

How to get started
book an appointment

Book a 30 minute slot at your convenience with one of our fitness professionals. You can book your session in our studio or online.

get personal

Discuss what it is you want to achieve and understand how you can take things to the next level. If you're not sure what you want, our coaches can take you through a goal setting session to get clear on your next steps.

tailor your programme

Leave with clear guidance on how to build a training programme suited to your goals, get access to bespoke discounts & intro packs and off you go.

Meet our coaches

Maria has been teaching barre, pilates and garuda yoga for over 5 years. Specialising in sculpting, lean definition and increasing flexibility through strength training, Maria brings a wealth of experience to the team. She has qualifications in biosignature mapping, lifestyle coaching and is an expert in post natal training.


Rod has over 10 years’ experience in the fitness industry after a successful career as a dancer. With a Level 3 PT qualification and specialisation in the barre method, Rod is an expert in lean definition, fat loss and body sculpting.


A competition gymnast from the age of 7, Kevin has a unique understanding of how the body works and is passionate about a 360 degree approach to fitness. He is a level 3 PT and specialises in body composition, advanced calisthenics and strength training.


An ex semi-professional footballer with over 7 years experience as a personal trainer and health coach, Ryan holds a diploma in sport & exercise science and is a highly qualified PT. He specialises in high intensity interval training, fat loss and functional strength training.