Each of our studios is equipped with its own Energy Kitchen

The Energy Kitchen specialises in delicious, nutrition-forward meals, shakes and drinks designed to help you refuel and recover after your workout. We’re passionate about health, so our plant-based menu is free from dairy, refined sugars, additives and chemicals.

Our Energy Kitchen shakes are the perfect choice for post-workout nutrition. Designed to help you recover,
our shakes blend plant-based protein, superfood boosters and dairy free mylks to deliver maximum nutrition with minimal calories. Our shakes are designed to enhance performance & recovery, build lean muscle,
help with hormonal balance and boost your metabolism.
Our breakfast offering includes porridge, protein porridge and smoothie bowls – all packed with nutritional benefits that will help balance your energy throughout the day.
We’ve partnered with Taylor Street to give you premium, organic coffee across our studios. It doesn’t stop there, our hot drinks menu is inspired by the best in health and features adaptogenic lattes, CBD oil infusions and high quality botanical teas. This ethos extends to our cold drinks, where you can find gut healthy kefir, kombucha, detox friendly charcoal lemonade, turmeric shots and other seasonal specialities.