What is Psycle London?

We are a boutique indoor cycling studio the provides a full body workout on a bike. We focus on rhythm based riding which incorporates hand held weights and choreography to effectively work the entire body.

We also have the energy kitchen which makes nutritional superfood smoothies perfect for post workout.

Can I have a copy of your timetable?

Our timetable is available online for both of our studios in the 'Book a Class' section.

How does it work?

Here at Psycle London we don't have any contracts or membership based payments. We are totally pay-as-you-go. We operate on a credit based system where one credit is equivalent to one class and you can purchase various credit bundles as often as you like. The larger the bundle the more cost effective the price per class is.

What do I wear?

When riding it's best to wear something that you can move in, comfortable to sweat in and not to hot! We supply professional cycling shoes free of charge. We use cleats as they provide a better connection to the bike and offer a more effective workout. The cleats are LOOK Keo cleats but our bikes are also compatible with SPDs should you wish to bring your own.

Do you have changing rooms and are there showers?

We have changing rooms with free lockers and towels. Our showers are stocked with the best Sachajuan products so you can revive after class. There are also hairdryers, straighteners and deodorant.

Can we have a look around?

Of course, we'd love to show you around! We are unfortunately unable to show you the studio whilst a class is taking place so if this is something you would like to see then please contact whichever studio you would like to visit and they will be happy to book you in.

Do you have classes for beginners?

We don't have specific classes for beginners as our classes encompass all abilities. You have full control over the resistance dial so you can control the intensity of your own ride. Additionally, you can pick your own seat so if you're are feeling a little unconfident, you can sit further in the back of the class until you've familiarised yourself with the choreography and tempos.

Do you offer a free trial?

We have an introductory offer which is 2 classes for £20! You can use these all yourself or use a credit to bring a friend along if you'd prefer.

Why do credits have an expiry and can I extend my credits?

Credits have an expiry so that you will be motivated to book into classes. We cannot extend expiry dates of credit unless under special circumstances such as injury or pregnancy.

Can I ride now that I'm pregnant?

We would need to see a doctors note first. We recommend that you should only be taking this class if you have been riding here regularly.