About Us

who we are

Psycle is a premium boutique fitness brand offering immersive class-based workouts across London. With 4 distinct concepts and a team of highly-skilled instructors, our classes are designed to harness the transformative power of movement to help every individual unleash their full potential. By training the mind and body, our mission is to empower everyone, everywhere, to own their life’s beat.

New to psycle

Our classes are suitable for all ability and experience levels. We offer intro classes and workshops for some of our workouts throughout the year, so make sure to keep an eye on the timetable. If it’s your first time at Psycle, we ask that you arrive 20 mins before class.
It’s recommended that you do 150 mins of cardiovascular exercise per week, so we encourage you to come at least 3 times per week to maximise the benefits you’ll experience. You’ve got this!

Buying credits

To book a class, create an account and purchase credits from the 'BUY’ page. There are 3 ways to purchase credits: credit bundles, memberships and programmes.
One class equals one credit. Credits can be used at all of our studios, unless otherwise specified. Some classes, like our '90 Minute Ride’, require two credits to book.
The best way to see and feel the benefits of your workout is to come as often as you can, which is why we have an expiry on our credit bundles. Sometimes we all need that extra motivation.

Booking classes

Our booking window opens every Monday at 12PM for classes until the following Tuesday. Purchasing an Extended Booking Credit allows you to book up to two weeks in advance. You can book into class up to 4 mins before it begins.
If your preferred class is fully booked, you can add yourself to the online waitlist to try your luck at grabbing a last-minute spot.
You can book yourself and up to 3 friends into a class. If you want to book more people than this, please contact the studio and enquire about booking a private ride.

What to bring

All you need is your workout gear. We've got everything else covered! We have towels, Sachajuan hair and body products for your post-workout shower, and hairdryers and straighteners to get you ready after class.
For our Ride classes, we have Psycle cleated shoes for you to use free of charge, but if you prefer to use your own cleated shoes, feel free to bring them with you.
Staying hydrated when you work out is vital, so make sure to bring a water bottle. If you don't have a bottle with you, we have bottled water available for purchase at check-in.

Checking In

If it's your first time, please arrive 20 mins before your class starts so we can check you in, show you around the studio and get you set up. You can also pre-order a shake at check in from our Energy Kitchen for after class.
If you arrive later than 4 mins before class starts, we can no longer guarantee a spot in class as priority is then given to our walk-in waitlist. We don’t allow entry once the class begins.
Don’t forget to leave your phone in your locker prior to class.


You can join the waitlist for any fully booked class online. We'll allocate spaces on a first come, first served basis. You’ll need a credit in your account to secure your spot.
If you’re on the waitlist and a spot becomes available within 2 hrs of class starting (up to 30 mins prior) or after 10PM for an early class (6AM-9AM), you'll be sent an email to ask if you want to accept the spot.
You can let our studio team know you want to be added to our walk-in waitlist. Any
spaces that become available will be allocated 4 mins before the class.


If you can't make it to class, please cancel your spot at least 12 hrs in advance. Any
spaces cancelled before the cancellation window will be refunded to your account.
If you cancel within 12 hrs of your class, your credit will be forfeited. However, if the class is full by the time class begins, your credit will be returned. We have a strict no-refund policy on classes cancelled within 2 hrs or less of start time.
Classes booked with Extended Booking credits must be cancelled 48 hrs or more
before class for credits to be refunded.


We have lots of women who are in class right up until their due date, but we always recommend talking to your doctor before you book in. Make sure that you let our team know when you check in that you are expecting, so that we can let your instructor know to make any necessary modifications for you.
For our Barre classes, all we ask is that you provide a note from your doctor, due to the level of core engagement in the class.