Uniquely tailored to help you achieve your goals, The Energy Project is a programme that's designed to transform your health through clean nutrition, positive lifestyle habits and targeted exercise.

Your health is about so much more than the number on the scale. For too long, exercise, nutrition, and overall health have been associated with weight and weight alone. Our state of health has a direct influence on how we feel, and how we feel determines the attitude and energy that we bring to our lives. That’s why, for us, it’s all about energy.

There are two programme options available depending on your personal goals: the 8- week or 12-week programme, which you can purchase below. If you already have a Psycle membership, you can easily convert it to The Energy Project. Simply purchase a top up for full access to the programme. Visit us at the studio to purchase.

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“Overall, I feel so much fitter – I really feel like it has been a great way to kickstart a more sustainable and healthier lifestyle. I'm also feeling more body confident – my arms are visibly more toned, and tummy feels flatter and generally less bloated.”

“I’ve lost almost 6kg in the last 6 weeks and that’s all fat - my body fat percentage has gone down by almost 4% and my muscle percentage has gone up by almost 1.5%! I feel amazing - I’m basically in the best shape of my life. For someone who ate pretty well before and exercised a lot, I can’t believe how much better I feel.”

“The physical side of the transformation has been noticeable from the end of week one, but I really feel that I have transformed mentally. I feel good, so positive and clear, physically I feel confident and stronger than ever.”

“I’ve always known that working out is very important to me but it’s also made me realise just how important it is for me to feel happy and grounded.”

“Honestly I haven’t felt this good for years. This has been such a timely reminder to keep trying new things to improve your quality of life. This program has given me the best start to my year and was the catalyst I needed to start improving my health and fitness. I've lost 6kg and feel vastly different on an emotional level.”