facebook x psycle


Psycle is a boutique fitness studio offering four completely different and energetic workouts: Ride, Barre, Strength and Yoga. At Psycle, we strive to inspire people to live vibrant, happy and energetic lives through the transformative power of movement, an inclusive community, and a passion for helping people achieve optimal levels of health.

As an employee of Facebook, you have access to the following benefits:

- An exclusive intro offer of 4 classes for £30, one for each concept. If you're new to Psycle, click the credit bundle below to purchase your intro pack.

- Discounted credit bundles reducing the cost per class to £17.50 when purchasing single, five and ten credit packs. Your Psycle account must be registered with your @facebook.com or @fb.com email address to activate this discount.

See you in the studio soon!