Introducing the Psycle HIIT x HYROX programme

Tailored specifically to the HYROX event at the end of November, our 12 week HIIT x HYROX training programme will help you to get stronger and fitter whilst pushing you out of your comfort zone.

Running from September to November, purchase one of our exclusive HYROX bundles and enjoy a mix of HYROX tailored HIIT classes, Rides and weekly run clubs to get you on your A-game and cover all bases in preparation for the event itself. Build power, strength and core stability in our HIIT classes whilst Ride will help to train your V02 Max, stamina and endurance.

PSYCLE HIIT x HYROX classes and events schedule:

Mondays at 5.30pm, Fridays at 7.30am and 5.30pm 
This HYROX inspired HIIT class will test your mental resilience, improve your endurance and get you competition ready.

Strong & Lean x HYROX
Wednesdays at 5.30pm and Sundays at 11.30am 
Build strength and muscular endurance with a smart combination of functional movements and compound lifts that will get you comfortable with the HYROX movement patterns.

Run Club
Wednesday, 7:30am, Psycle Oxford Circus (This is a free event, but spaces muct be booked)
Kicking off on September 6th for 12 weeks, expect to increase your distance and improve your speed as we run around Regents Park. 
Week 1-4: 6km
Week 5-8: 8km 
Week 9-12: 10km

Ride Instructor