Our mission is to reduce our negative impact on the environment and
commit to sustainable practices that promote more harmony and less harm

By removing single use plastics from our studios, working with sustainable suppliers, using materials that reduce carbon emissions and constantly looking at ways to innovate our processes, we aim to cultivate a positive, healthy relationship with the environment.

What we use in our studios every week.

sweat bags

bottles of water


AA batteries


To landfill or refill?
That is the question.

To encourage the use of reusable bottles, we will no longer sell water in any of our studios. Until our stocks run out, our Belu water bottles will increase in price to £2. The additional profits will be donated to The Ocean Cleanup.

We’ve partnered up with S’well so you can purchase our exclusive co-branded bottles at £35 and our very own ‘Hydrate bottles’ (with sports cap) at £4. You can then fill these up before class at our water stations located in each of our studios.

Just (don’t) roll with it!
Re-useable wet kit bags.

We are removing our plastic sweat bags from the changing rooms and these will now be purchasable from the front desk for £1. The additional profits will be donated to The Ocean Cleanup.. Want a more sustainable option? We’ve got you covered with our new co-branded ‘Life Kit’ Baggu reusable and washable kit bags available for £12 at all of our studios.

Building a sustainable
Energy Kitchen.

We have switched all of our smoothie supplies to compostable plastic. If you purchase a smoothie or bowl, please ensure you place your empties in the compostable bins we provide next to Energy Kitchen.

Alternatively, if you to bring your own cup (up to 16oz)
we will give you 50p off the full price.

Reduce. Reuse. Re-Psycle.

Where possible we will make sure that our marketing and studio collateral will be produced on recycled materials.

We’re are also making the switch to re-chargeable batteries for our instructor microphones, to reduce the amount of waste. 


Only use one towel 

Reduce your time in the shower, even by 30 seconds

Make sure any waste goes in the correct bin - waste, re-psycle or compostable

Bring your reusable water bottle & smoothie cup to class

Stop using single-use plastic bags for sweaty kit

This is just the beginning.

We don’t have all the answers yet, but we’re working to find solutions to lower our carbon emissions, to improve our business operations and supply chain and to reduce our water consumption.

You can expect more from us on these topics in the coming months and years, as we build a sustainable and environmentally conscious community.

Keep telling us where we can improve at


I can’t do a class without water!

…and we don’t want you to! We understand that removing water from our studios is a big change for our community, so we’ve put steps in place to help you get used to the change. If you forget water, for the first weeks we will sell Belu water bottles for £2 with the additional profits of these sales being donated to The Ocean Cleanup. We will only continue to sell Belu until we deplete our old stock. We anticipate that this stock will run out by end of May 2018. We encourage you to purchase a reusable water bottle that you can refill for every class – we’ve got two different types on sale at every studio, a sports-cap and a S’well bottle for everyday use. We’re installing more water fountains in our studios to ensure you have time to fill up before class. We’re encouraging our whole community to take the pledge to make the change, which means we’ve stopped giving complimentary water to our instructor and studio teams – they’ll need to fill up too!

Your water is expensive.

We’ve increased the price of single-use plastic water while our stocks last and all additional profits will be donated to The Ocean Cleanup.

Energy Kitchen supplies are still single-use plastic?

Our new supplier, Vegware, makes our new packaging from plants (not plastic) and is entirely compostable with food waste. While the new stock looks very similar, it’s made from 100% compostable plastic which means it will break down in commercial composting facilities in just 12 weeks.

Even the straws? And the cutlery? And stickers?

Yes, that’s right. All 100% compostable. Make sure you pop your finished items in our new compostable bins next to Energy Kitchen, or in your own compostable bin at home.

I don’t want to carry my sweaty kit in my bag!

We know! We’ve introduced reusable and washable kit bags that you can put your clothes in after class, and straight into the wash when you get home.

Let’s talk about water. Psycle has a lot of showers.

We do – and they’re all fitted with EcoSmart shower heads which reduce CO2 and water usage. We want to be accountable for every drop of water we use in our studios, which is why we’ve selected this technology which adds air into the flow to plump the water droplets – maintaining the shower quality without compromising the experience. At Canary Wharf our showers run on an eco-system where the water pressure is maintained by our landlord to reduce our water usage. We also recycle the heat generated whilst cooling our air con units to heat the water that supplies our showers.

Do you recycle everything that goes in the Re-Psycle bins?

Absolutely everything. The recycling goes to a Materials Recovery Facility where 130,000 tonnes of material are processed for reuse every year. This includes plastic bags.

What about the waste services?

We arrange our own waste services from our studios that send 0% to landfill. That’s right, 0%. Instead, it’s taken for incineration and used to create electricity and heat 100,000 homes a year. The process of incineration is carbon neutral so we don’t cause any unnecessary emissions with our zero-to-landfill waste policy.

This is awesome! What more can I do?

Anything is possible! The important thing is to just start. Even small changes make a big difference. Whilst small individually, these changes amount to something much bigger and more impactful when we all pledge to make a change as a community.

The Ocean Cleanup is a non-profit organization, developing advanced technologies to rid the world’s oceans of plastic.

Traditional methods of cleanup are expensive, time-consuming and result in vast amounts of carbon emissions and by-catch

The Ocean Cleanup is a passive drifting system, 1-2km is width, which moves with the currents to catch the plastic. The system is weighed down by an anchor to ensure it moves slower than the plastic and catches it.

Once caught, the plastic is brought to shore by support vessels for recycling & sold on – with all profits going to fund the cleanup expansion

The Ocean Cleanup is estimated to remove 50% of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch in 5 years, starting from mid-2018


Psycle Ltd is independent of, and not endorsed or sponsored by The Ocean Cleanup