Meditation can be hugely beneficial to anyone who takes the time to practice. When we use the tool of meditation to expand our awareness within, we discover that bliss is our true nature.

This introductory workshop will begin with a 45-minute flow, designed to prepare and open the heart, mind and body for the experience of meditation. Once the body has been warmed, ample time will be dedicated to creating a proper environment for a successful practice. You’ll learn to find a truly appropriate seat for your body, and together we’ll explore the breathing techniques that will clear and focus the mind. The last 30 minutes will be spent in meditation.

If you are new to the practice of meditation, please do not be intimidated by the duration - by the time we start you’ll be in a much calmer and open mind to experience it and time will fly by. Be patient with yourself, come with an open heart, and enthusiastic attitude – everything else will fall into place! All levels welcome





Saturday 18th Jan, 2:15pm


1 Credit


Mortimer St