Yoga Detox workshop with Chris
Saturday 23rd March, 1:30pm
Spring is around the corner, and as the seasons get ready to make a change, it is a perfect opportunity for you to do the same!

Join Chris for the chance to hit the reset button. This workshop will work through several layers of the practice - starting with a firey flow to build some heat and help you to sweat out some toxins, then moving into yin to release and deep body tension, and closing with a yoga nidra style meditation giving you the capability to let go of mindsets, thoughts, or patterns that are holding you back. Duration: 2 hours.

Booking requires a £30 workshop credit.
Yoga workshop: Intro to OMFG with Marion
Saturday 30th March, 2:15pm
Never done OMFG but are intrigued by it? You don't need to be an advanced yoga to try a more challenging flow.

In this workshop Marion will breakdown our OMFG sequence and give you the tricks and tools you need to progress your practice. You will deepen your understanding of the yogic principals behind each movement, learn the drills that will allow you to try the more challenges poses and ultimately discover how to develop that euphoric feeling when you hit the final meditation.

Some experience recommended.
Yoga workshop: Drills & Conditioning to improve your practice with Gemma
Saturday 6th April, 2:15pm
Build a strong foundation and break down what is required for the trickier poses in yoga, such as arm balances, backbends and tricky transitions to be able to improve your practice. Learn which specific muscles you are engaging, how to find them and the drills you can do to make them stronger. You'll also learn how to transition your weight more effectively, to feel light in your practice so you can step back on the mat with more up your sleeve. Durations: 2 hours.

Booking requires a £30 workshop credit.