We’re excited to launch our brand new Ride, Barre and Yoga studio in Ecclestone Yards, Victoria.

Our workouts harness the power of movement on both the body and mind. Our flagship workout, Ride, brings together the bike, the beat and the instructor, for an immersive mind-body experience. Barre is a fierce workout, which offers a modern take on traditional barre, using gliders, bands and weighted balls to strengthen muscles, boost metabolism and reduce stress, whilst Yoga combines traditional yogic movements and philosophy with music and breath, to rebalance and realign the body.

If you’re new to Psycle, enjoy your first class for just £10 (usually £25). 

If you’re looking for flexibility and variety, check out our range of credit bundles or if you’re keen to take your wellness journey to the next level,  contact corporates@psyclelondon.com to find out more about our corporate membership offers.

Ride Instructor