Key Worker discounts


Purchasing Credits

How do I purchase discounted Key Worker credits?

To purchase a discounted credit you will need to obtain a unique single use discount code via Beans iD.

Your discount code is valid for use against a single Key Worker Discount Credit or a Key Worker 5 credit pack and cannot be used on any other credit packages.

The discount isn't applicable on studio memberships.

How much are Key Worker credits?

A single Key Worker Discount Credit costs £15, saving you a massive 40% on our standard pricing.

We also offer a Key Worker 5 Credit Pack for £65, 43% less than our standard pricing, working out at just £13 a credit.

Can I use a gift voucher or other discounts on Key Worker credits?

Key Worker discount credits can’t be combined with any other promotions, offers or gift vouchers.

Making A Booking

What classes can my Key Worker discount credits be used on?

Key Worker Credits are only valid on the following classes: Monday to Thursday 6:30am, between 9am - 5:30pm and after 7:30pm (7pm at Notting Hill). Valid on all classes Friday, Saturday and Sunday. One purchase per transaction.

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