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Psycle London Studios

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Welcome to Psycle! Our classes are suitable for all ability and experience levels. We offer intro classes and workshops for some of our workouts throughout the year, so make sure to keep an eye on the timetable. It’s recommended that you do 150 mins of cardiovascular exercise per week, so we encourage you to come at least 3 times per week to maximise the benefits you’ll experience. You’ve got this!

How do I buy credits and memberships?

To book a class, create an account and purchase credits from the 'BUY’ page. There are 2 ways to purchase credits: credit bundles and memberships. One class equals one credit.

Credits can be used at all of our studios, unless otherwise specified. Some classes, like our '90 Minute Ride’, require two credits to book.

The best way to see and feel the benefits of your workout is to come as often as you can, which is why we have an expiry on our credit bundles. Sometimes we all need that extra motivation.

How do I book classes?

Our booking window opens every Monday at 12PM for classes until the following Tuesday. Purchasing an Extended Booking Credit allows you to book up to 2 weeks in advance. You can book into class up to 5 mins before it begins.

If your preferred class is fully booked, you can add yourself to the online waitlist to try your luck at grabbing a last-minute spot.

You can book yourself and up to 3 friends into a class. If you want to book more people than this, please contact us directly for group bookings or private class enquiries. 

What should I bring to class?

All you need is your workout gear. We've got everything else covered! We have towels, Sachajuan hair and body products for your post-workout shower, and hairdryers and straighteners to get you ready after class.

For our Ride classes, we have Psycle cleated shoes for you to use free of charge, but if you prefer to use your own cleated shoes, feel free to bring them with you.

For Reformer classes, grippy socks must be worn – bring your own or purchase a pair at reception. 

Staying hydrated when you work out is vital, so make sure to bring a water bottle. If you don't have a bottle with you, we have bottled water available for purchase at check-in.

We have a strict no phones in class policy. Please leave your phone behind in your locker, so that you and everyone around you can enjoy your workout without any distractions. 

What should I expect during check in?

Arrive at least 15 minutes before class starts, and no later than 5 minutes before and sign in at the front desk.

We ask that you please check in no less than 4 minutes before the start of your class, to ensure you can be safely set up to enjoy your workout. Unfortunately, failure to check in on time will result in you missing class.

If you want a shake waiting for you after your class, let us know! If you're doing a Ride class, we have Psycle cleated shoes for you to use free of charge, but if you’d prefer to use your own cleated shoes, feel free to bring them with you.

If you haven’t come changed, we have beautifully furnished changing rooms and lockers that you can use free of charge.

How do waitlists work?

You can join the waitlist for any fully booked class online. We'll allocate spaces on a first come, first served basis. You’ll need a credit in your account to secure your spot.

If you’re on the waitlist and a spot becomes available within 2 hrs of class starting (up to 30 mins prior) or after 10PM for an early class (6AM-9AM), you'll be sent an email to ask if you want to accept the spot.

We ask that you please check in no less than 4 minutes before the start of your class, to ensure you can be safely set up to enjoy your workout. Unfortunately, failure to check in on time will result in you missing class.

If you can’t make a class you are booked into, we please ask you to cancel your place to allow space for another member of the community.

What is the walk-in waitlist?

You can join the walk-in waitlist on the day to try your luck at grabbing a last-minute spot. 

Simply ask our Front of House team to join the walk-in waitlist and any spots that haven’t been checked into 4 minutes before the start time of class will be released. Please note, these are allocated on a first come first served basis. 

I'm pregnant - what do I need to know?

Congratulations! We have lots of women who are in class right up until their due date, however, we always recommend consulting your doctor before attending our classes.

Please make sure that you let our team at check-in know you are pregnant as well as your instructor before the start of class so they can make any necessary modifications for you. We advise you to arrive 15 minutes ahead of class start time so we can set you up accordingly. 

For all of our concept classes we require you to sign our prenatal consent form. These are available from reception. 

Please note Psycle advises and restricts participation in the following classes: Deep Burn, Abs and Arms, Glide & Sculpt, HIIT and Abs and Reformer during pregnancy.

If you have any questions regarding class participation please feel free to reach out to our studios or speak to a member of staff where we will be able to best advise and tailor a class most suited to you. 

Do you offer student discount?

Yes we do! We've partnered with the world’s biggest and best student loyalty network, Student Beans.

Save up to 48% on credits and Psycle at Home membership.

Simply use your exclusive discount code from Student Beans and go to:

Do you offer discount for NHS staff?

We do! Just create a Psycle account (or update your existing profile) using your NHS email address and you will have access to discounted credit bundle pricing on the "Buy" page.

How old do I have to be to attend a class at Psycle?

You must be:

14 years of age to attend any Ride or Yoga Classes at Psycle.
16+ To attend Barre or HIIT
18+ To attend Reformer

If you are under 18, you must inform a staff member, register a User Account with Psycle and have a parent/guardian 18+ to sign a consent form.

If you under 16 years old, you must always be accompanied by a parent/guardian in class. For ride Classes only, you must also meet the height requirement of 4 foot 11 inches.

Hands-On Adjustment

Instructors in Barre, Reformer and Yoga may on occasion provide hands-on adjustment to support with form and avoid injury. We want to create a safe and inclusive environment at Psycle and will provide adjustment consent cards and/or verbal consent via instructors before each class. We request that if you do not want hands-on adjustments during your class please let your instructor know at the beginning. 

Studio Memberships

What is the minimum term for my membership?

The minimum term for standard memberships is three months. The minimum term for sale memberships is six months. If you are cancelling your existing standard membership for a sale membership you will be tied into the six month minimum term. If you are upgrading your existing membership your minimum term will roll over from your existing membership.

How will I be billed?

Payment is taken monthly in advance, by billing the card saved to your account. You will need to have a card on your account to enable payment to be taken. Please make sure this is up to date.

What is the membership cancellation policy?

Upon purchasing your membership you will be committed to a three month minimum term, unless purchasing a sale membership which will be six months. After your third membership payment (or fifth payment for sale memberships), you can cancel your membership at any time via your “My Psycle” page. The cancellation will take effect from the next billing date.

Please be aware that once payment has been taken, we will be unable to issue a refund. If you have any questions about your membership, please contact one of our studios as we'll be happy to help.

Monthly Psycle at Home memberships will automatically renew unless cancelled. You can cancel your Psycle at Home membership at any time. Annual Psycle At Home memberships will automatically renew unless cancelled.

When do my membership credits expire?

Membership credits must be used for classes taking place within the current billing period and cannot be rolled over to future billing periods. Additionally, no membership credits can be transferred between accounts. If you have purchased an exclusive discounted top-up credit, the expiry date will be three months from purchase.

How many spaces can I book per class using my membership?

With memberships, you can book up to 2 spaces in any class.

What is the membership freeze policy?

You are able to freeze your membership for one month, in line with your billing period. There is a limit of up to two freezes per rolling 12 month period. You will not be able to freeze your membership for two consecutive months. In order to freeze your membership, you must contact the studio at least 48 hours before your next billing date.

If you freeze your membership, you will not be billed for that month and will not have credits dropped into your account. You can still take classes by purchasing discounted top-up credits. Membership top-up credits are exclusive to members and will expire within three months from purchase.

Freezing a membership during the Minimum Term will result in extension of the Minimum Term by the number of months frozen.

What if my membership credits are running low?

If you’re running low on credits and still want to take classes within the current billing month, you can purchase the exclusive discounted top-up credits. Any top-up credits purchased will expire within one month from purchase.

Studio Credits

Where can I use credits?

Credits can be used at all of our studios, unless otherwise specified. Some classes, like our '90 Minute Ride’, require two credits to book.

When will my credits expire?

Credits purchased as part of Credit Packs will expire; a) if part of an introductory offer, 4 weeks from purchase; b) if a Credit Pack of 1 or 5 Credits: 1 month from purchase; c) if a Credit Pack of 10 Credits: 3 months from purchase; if a Sale Credit Pack of 10 Credits: 2 months from purchase; d) if a Sale Credit Pack of 15 credits: 3 months from purchase; e) if a Credit Pack of 20 credits: 6 months from purchase; if a Sale Credit Pack of 20 credits, 4 months from purchase; e) if a Credit Pack of 50 credits: 12 months from purchase, if a Credit Pack of 50 credits: 10 months from purchase; if part of a Membership, as set out at Condition 9.8.

Credits purchased for the Digital Studio will expire; a) If a single Credit Pack, 1 month from purchase. b) Once you have started a class using a credit, you have 48 hours to finish that class. Expiry means that on and from the expiry date, you will not be entitled to use an expired Credit to purchase Services. You will not be entitled to receive any refund in relation to any expired Credits.

Can I extend my credits?

Credits cannot be extended beyond the expiry dates agreed at the time of purchase, unless we in our discretion agree to do so in exceptional medical circumstances.

What’s a guest credit?

You can bring someone for free to any class with a guest credit - because it’s always more fun knowing you’ll be sweating with a friend. All you need to do is book two places in the same class and they’ll come on us.

Under 27 Memberships

What memberships are discounted?

In short - everything! You will save 25% on all studio and Psycle At Home memberships. You will also be able to access discounts on our Energy Kitchen.

What do I need to do?

Simply sign up to get started! We ask you please bring ID to the studio to validate your date of birth at your first class. 

What happens once I’m 27?

Psycle will contact you to inform you that your membership plan will update to our standard pricing from the next billing date following your 27th birthday.

My date of birth is incorrect on my Psycle account

Please get in touch with us on and we’ll be able to help.

What is the membership cancellation policy?

All standard memberships, including Under27 memberships, have a three month minimum term. Sale memberships have a six month minimum term, after which you can manage your membership in the My Psycle section of your account.

What happens if I run out of membership credits?

You can purchase single member top up credits and bundles to get you through until your next billing date.

Class Cancellation Policy

What is the cancellation policy?

If you can't make a class, please cancel at least 12 hours prior and we’ll refund your credit to your account.

If you cancel less than 12 hours before a class we will not refund your credit.

Please note, special events may have an alternative cancellation policy, which will be detailed on your booking confirmation.

Psycle At Home

Is there an app?

It’s on our radar! Subscribe to our emails via the website footer and stay tuned… In the meantime, all Psycle At Home content can be streamed through our website via a computer, tablet or phone.

Can I trial Psycle At Home before I purchase a membership?

Yes, the first 14 days of the unlimited membership are free! You'll be able to cancel up to the 14th day without being charged. Once your trial is complete, your card on file will be billed and this will start the monthly billing cycle. 

How much is the unlimited monthly membership to Psycle At Home?

A monthly membership for Psycle at Home costs ÂŁ29 per month. You are automatically billed each month as per your first billing date at initial registration. With the monthly membership, you will have total unlimited access to all elements within the Psycle At Home platform, including on-demand workouts, live classes and events.

How do I cancel my membership?

We're sorry to see you go! To cancel your membership, please visit My Psycle, click 'MANAGE' under your number of online classes taken, and follow the prompts.

We'd love to know your feedback. Please email and let us know what we could do differently.

Will I lose access to Psycle At Home immediately upon cancelling my membership?

Upon cancellation, you will be able to access Psycle At Home content until the end of your billing cycle.

Can I pay per class instead?

Yes! We offer a single class credit for £6 with a one month expiry.

Psycle At Home credits can be used for all on-demand classes as well as live broadcasted classes from Psycle's London studios. 

Once you view a class using a single Psycle At Home credit, you will be able to view the same class as many times as you wish within a 48 hour window of the first view.

Live classes can only be accessed at the time of the initial broadcast.

Can I convert my existing studio credits into Psycle At Home credits (or vice versa)?

We're sorry but at the moment we aren't offering the option to swap credits between Psycle London and Psycle At Home.

Do I need any equipment?

A select amount of workouts require equipment. Equipment requirements are noted in the class description. 

If you don’t have equipment, don’t worry - plenty of our workouts require no equipment and modifications are often available. 

Can I buy equipment directly from Psycle?

If you’d like to buy an at home bike, you can do this through our cycling partner Stages. Exact details can be found here.

All other equipment is currently not available for purchase. If you have questions or need suggestions of what equipment to buy, please email and let us know!

Can I watch Psycle At Home content on my smart TV?

Yes! For specific instructions if you have an Apple device check out these tips. For Android devices, find instructions here.

Psycle Shop

Where is my order?

Once your item is dispatched, you will receive a notification to update you on the status of your order. Standard shipping takes 3-5 business days. If you require any further assistance after this time, please contact us at

Do you offer international shipping?

At the moment, we offer UK delivery. We're working hard to offer international shipping soon, so please join our waitlist to be notified when this is possible.

How do I return an item?

We have a 14-day return policy, which means you have 14 days after receiving your item to request a return. 

To be eligible for a return, your item must be in the same condition that you received it, unworn or unused, with tags, and in its original packaging. You’ll also need the receipt or proof of purchase. To start a return, please  contact us at with full details of your order. We will then send you a return shipping label, as well as instructions on how and where to send your package. Please note, items sent back to us without first requesting a return will not be accepted. 

*Certain types of items cannot be returned, like custom products (such as special orders or personalized items) socks and water bottles. Unfortunately, we cannot accept returns on sale items or gift cards.

We aim to refund you within 14 days of having received the returned item. For any questions please contact us at

Do you offer exchanges?

Unfortunately, we do not offer exchanges. If you would like any assistance, please contact us at

There is an issue with an item I ordered. What should I do?

We hope you love your order. However, if there is any issue with your item(s), please contact us at as soon as possible so we will be able to assist you further.

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