Psycle Ride isn’t your average spin class. It’s a place where you, the bike and the beat meet, where you challenge your body and break through your boundaries, riding high on the pumping tunes and the collective energy of your fellow Riders.  Intense? Sure. Intimidating? Absolutely not. We may be tough but kindness is at our (impressively strong) core so aside from being happy to help you at any stage of your studio visit we’ve put together these handy FAQs to allay any concerns and ensure you’re in-the-know before you’re in the saddle.

Q: “So I need to wear specific Ride shoes, right? How do they work?”

A: Yep. Cleated shoes clip into the bike pedals, so you can ride efficiently and comfortably. Our friendly Front of House team will give you a pair when you arrive - which, by the way, we recommend you do about 15 minutes before the class is due to start. If you need some more guidance once you’re on the bike, just give the team a wave in the studio and they’ll help you clip in (and make sure you’re confident clipping out again) so you’re all ready to ride.

Q: “Will I need to adjust the bike before class?”

A: You might want to adjust the seat and handlebar height. Watch how it’s done below and if you need a little extra guidance once you’re in the studio just give our Front of House team a nod and they’ll be on hand.

Q: “I realise a Ride class isn’t a gentle spin around the park - but what should I expect?”

A: So here’s the deal - your heart will pump, your legs will tire and you’ll get seriously sweaty. Whether that’s for 45, 60 or 90 minutes depends on what class you choose. Our expert instructors will guide you through a challenging, carefully curated workout designed to push you past your perceived limits. But the pumping beats, the energy of the studio riding together and the buzz you’ll feel from smashing those sprints will carry you through. Remember, above all this is your Ride - your time to get lost in the music, free your mind and allow your body to reach its best.

Ride Instructor