The barre class that immerses your mind and body in a burn to strengthen, lengthen and sculpt.

Our barre workout targets and strengthens the muscles in your legs, bum, arms and abs for a serious, results-based workout. Our method has been designed to sculpt your body, boost your metabolism, and challenge your mind. A modern innovation of traditional barre, we flow through a series of challenging combinations to give you an effective workout that leaves you feeling leaner, longer and stronger – without losing the focus on posture and alignment.

Our classes are set to high energy playlists and use gliders, bands and weighted balls to engage you in a controlled and powerful full body workout that increases muscle definition, burns body fat and reduces stress. With classes suitable for every level, our Barre classes will leave you with an improved posture, clear mind and tight physique.

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Barre 55
Our signature, 55-minute class keeps your muscles working non-stop for a sculpting metabolic boost. Using a variety of props, weighted balls and resistance bands to get deep into the barre burn, this class strengthens, lengthens and tones – all to the beat of an amazing playlist. This class engages the entire body and challenges the mind for serious results.
Breaking down the Barre
A 55-minute class created for those who are brand new to the barre or those who want to deepen their understanding of how we use the body and mind in a Psycle barre class. Breaking Down The Barre solely focuses on you, the more you focus, the deeper you work into the muscles and the more you will leave the room with a tight physique, improved posture and a clear mind.
An intense 45 minutes, this class takes Barre to another level. This class is not for beginners. Glide & Sculpt uses gliders, bands and resistance for a full body workout that pushes your muscles further than you thought they could go. More cardio. More core. More sculpt.
Deep Burn
This advanced class adds even more to our signature burn. Come ready to turn up the intensity, increase the shake, and take your workout to a deeper level. Lengthier choreography. No rest. Deeper holds. Heavier weights. If you feel ready to take yourself past your breaking point, we’ll see you at Deep Burn.