Our classes are designed to give you a full body workout - take you through climbs, sprints, jogs and high intensity intervals to give you the best cardio workout possible while strengthening and toning your muscles. Our choreography and weights ensure that you’ll work your whole body - and have fun in the process. Instead of racing or riding to RPMs, we ride in sync with each other and the music, taping into a contagious group energy.

Our inspirational instructors will motivate and push you beyond your limits, to the best music out there. We’re serious about our music - playlists are handcrafted with the help of Dj’s and music industry experts, from hip hop, electronic, and house to rock and R&B. So, no matter your taste, you’ll find a niche with us!

class types

ride 45
ride 45

Our signature, heart pumping 45 minute full body workout on a bike.

 ride 60
ride 60

Challenge your mind and body with our 60 min rides. Sweaty, intense, inspiring and fun!

ride 90
ride 90

For those of you seeking that extra challenge, this is it! Truly transformative, these double rides will try your limits.

We’ve all been there - trying something new for the first time can be daunting. Don’t worry we are here for you and here’s everything you need to know before your first ride.

check-in & bike set up
For your first ride we recommend that you check-in to reception at least 20 minutes before the class starts. This is important so we can get you set up correctly on the bike.

It’s important that everytime you ride that you check-in at reception. If you don’t check-in before 4 minutes to the start of class we might give your bike away to the walk-in waitlist.

We use cleated shoes during the class and we provide shoes free of charge! You can even bring your own LOOK KEO cleated shoes if you would like.

The shoes increase the connection between the leg and the bike, engaging the correct muscle groups & helps you safely spend more time out of the saddle.

water & smoothies
Staying hydrated when you exercise is vital. We provide water stations in the waiting area so you can fill up your own bottle, or you can buy bottled Belu water from reception.

You can pre-order one of our superfood smoothie from the Energy Kitchen at check-in and we’ll have it ready for you post class. Discover more about the Energy Kitchen here.

We’ve got you covered when it comes to getting ready post class. All of our studios have free lockers, towels and a range of products to get you ready for life again.

We have plenty of hairdryers and straighteners on hand and all of our showers are stocked with the lastest Sachajuan products. Showering after a class has never felt so good!

You can find out more information on our Need to Knows & FAQ pages.