The strength class that uses science to transform your body and destroy your limits.

Strength by Psycle has been constructed to give you an effective, well balanced full body workout. Grounded in science, our classes are designed to boost the metabolism and maximise the body’s hormonal response to exercise to deliver amazing results. With smaller class sizes and intelligent programming, we’re passionate about helping you build strength, endurance and confidence whilst improving your technique and skill.

Our suite of Strength classes combine the best of all worlds, using functional training, HIIT, circuit based cardio and resistance training for an efficient full body workout. Each class has a difference focus and our programming varies to help you progress throughout the year and avoid plateaus.

Broken down into three key components: HIIT, core stability and strength training - for an effective, total body blast that works all of the different energy systems. Expect kettlebells, burpees, slam balls and lots of TRX work. SC3 is a smart combination of max effort aerobic work, calisthenics and resistance training, with a key focus on form and technique. Walk out feeling stronger and full of endorphins in this motivating, fun, energetic 50-minute workout.
C45 / C60
Offering 45 and 60 minute classes, circuits are spread over a variety of working stations, for timed intervals, across multiple rounds. Each station has a different focus including: strength, power, conditioning, upper body, lower body and core. Keep your body guessing, work in pairs or small teams, work to your own capabilities, forget the outside world and take it a station at a time, in this full body workout that everyone will love to hate.
Programmed for maximum results - STAMINA is divided into multiple teams, across different working stations in an intelligent full body functional workout. Each station has a different physiological focus, utilising rowers, ski ergs, battle ropes, kettlebells and plyometrics in a 50 minute, high energy workout that will test your mental resilience, challenge your own perceived limitations, and leave you feeling the strongest possible version of yourself.
T.U.T 50
The 50 minute class designed to build a strong, lean physique by utilising a smart blend of resistance band activation, time under tension, strength training and isometric holds. Systematically alternating between upper body, lower body and core, across multiple working rounds. T.U.T bridges the gap between Barre and Strength, with a pivotal focus on form, tempo and technique, for the ultimate total body burn.
Our sweatiest, most explosive class, with two key focuses - HIIT & Abs. Spread across three working rounds, MET-CON alternates between core/abs, and short periods of super high intensity anaerobic work, followed by short periods of aerobic rest before finishing on a high energy, community based HIIT round. This 45 minute blast will fire up your metabolism and leave you feeling invigorated after pushing your body and mind to new limits.