The yoga class that takes you from ommm to omfg.

Not only do we love yoga, we know we need it - and our yoga classes offer the total mind and body experience. Our range of classes cater to every mood and ability, and include challenging athletic vinyasas, targeted functional flows that are perfect for cross training and injury prevention, and deeply nourishing yin classes.

Whether you’re looking to relax and de-stress or sweat through a killer workout, our contemporary classes allow you to build a yoga practice that will leave you feeling energised, strong and restored - with a sense of calm that only yoga can bring.
Keeping true to our Psycle style, our yoga classes harness the power of music and group energy to elevate your flow for a deeper physical and emotional release.

We understand yoga can be intimidating so our foundations class provides you with all of the tools you need to start your practice. By breaking down the basic postures and building strength through drills, you'll leave confident with the basic principals of yoga whilst still getting a great sweat and all the benefits. This class is 60 mins and recommended for beginners or anyone wanting to strengthen their foundations.
This class follows the rhythm of your breath in a steady, creative and balanced flow. Focusing on building up from the foundations and creating equal parts strength, length and release, it promises to leave you feeling open in mind and body.
Weird things happen when you completely let go. No stress. No handstands. Just five to ten deep, gravity based poses designed to significantly change your levels of flexibility, and release deeply held tension and emotion. A serious challenge for the mind and body, and proven to be amazing for both. We'll turn down the lights. You'll go in deep. We'll cry together in the dark. It'll be great.
How good do you want to feel? Half power flow and half yin after dark, this hybrid gets you fired up and sweating and then drops you in so you can hang loose. The perfect antidote to stress. Half workout, half release. All good.
This rigorous, athletic practice has been designed to raise your heart rate through challenging cardio sequences. Weaving poses together that condition, strengthen and lengthen the entire body for the ultimate energetic reset. An hour or more moving to the pace of your breath that will set your day or night alight with that natural endorphin high.