A modern take on traditional barre, our barre classes are designed to sculpt your body, boost your metabolism, and challenge your mind. Through a series of challenging combinations, we strengthen the muscles in your legs, bum, arms and abs to leave you feeling leaner and longer. Our classes use gliders, bands and weighted balls to engage you in a controlled and powerful full-body workout that increases muscle definition, burns body fat and reduces stress.

Signature 55

Our signature 55-minute burn. Using weighted balls and resistance bands to keep your muscles working non-stop for a sculpting metabolic boost, this class strengthens, lengthens and tones. Expect serious results.

glide & sculpt

Our intense 45-minute burn that takes barre to another level. Using gliders and resistance bands, this full-body workout pushes you further. More cardio. More core. More results.

*Not suitable during pregnancy

deep burn

This is the advanced version of our signature burn, so make sure you have completed at least 30-40 Signature Barre classes before attending. Turn up the intensity, increase the shake, and take your burn deeper. Prepare for longer holds, heavier weights and no rest. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

*Not suitable during pregnancy

abs & arms

The classic barre burn you love - but more specific. Abs & Arms targets your core, arms, back and shoulders to shape, strengthen and stabilise your upper body. Through a combination of dynamic core sequences and exercises designed to burn out your upper body, this class will define your abs, shape your back, sculpt your shoulders and create long lean arms. You’ll use all of the classic barre props alongside heavier dumbbells to elevate your heart rate and help you get specific with results.

Ride Instructor