Our Philosophy


Psycle was founded in 2014 with one goal in mind, to get people hooked on the transformative power of movement to help them become healthier, happier, and more energetic. What started as a single ride studio in the center of London has now become a multifaceted global health and fitness brand like no other. Our passionate team and amazing instructors help you clear your mind, transform your body, and have fun – every single time you workout, wherever you are in the world.

Our approach to fitness is holistic, and it works. People always ask what the best way to workout is - but the truth is that there is no one perfect workout. In order to be truly healthy you need to have balance, and that means good cardiovascular health, strong muscles, a flexible body, and a positive way of managing stress. You also need to be consistent, which means finding something you love and look forward to doing every day, which is why we created fun, immersive, energetic workouts that are designed to be truly complementary to each other.

I believe that to live your best life, you need to be in your best health, and exercise is key to achieving this. Exercise affects your mood, your energy and your attitude, and these things shape the way you experience your entire life. Our workouts, our team, and our holistic approach will support you in every aspect of life and every phase of training – whether you need to transform your day or transform your life.

Our London studios are hubs of energy and social connection, where you can come to sweat, let go, and tap into our incredible team and community. My dream has always been to empower everyone, EVERY WHERE in the world, which is why I am so excited to add Psycle at Home to our family of studios. It gives us the opportunity to support our community, no matter what is going on in the world. It fuels our purpose and passion, and it gives you the power to stay strong, stay healthy, and stay inspired.  Whether you are a part of our London family or you become a part of our global family, you continually inspire us to do more and be more. I hope in turn we can inspire you through the transformative power of movement, a supportive, positive community, and give you the tools to be happier, healthier individuals.