We believe the bike, the beat, and the instructor are a unique combination — together they push you, ignite you and free your mind like nothing else can. Designed to push beyond the limits of the average spin class, Ride immerses you in the energy of the room to bring you an unrivalled mind-body experience.

ride 45

Our signature class. Designed to maximise the benefits of group performance, each class blends high-intensity cardio, muscular strength training and choreography — all to a killer playlist.

ride 60

The 60-minute version of our signature class — perfect for anyone wanting an extra challenge. Expect more interval training, extended upper body work and a focus on strength.


If you’re looking for a challenge, this one’s for you. This 75 minute class is designed to challenge you physically, mentally and technically. Get ready to work those weights out of the saddle, move to advanced choreography and push yourself with long endurance runs and sets of resistance. It’s time to clip in and level up.

ride 90

Double the challenge of our signature class, Ride 90 is truly transformative. Expect a seriously sweaty, totally immersive workout that will leave you physically and mentally stronger.

Ride Instructor