Using a scientific approach to fitness, our Strength classes boost metabolism and maximise the body’s hormonal response to exercise. With smaller class sizes and intelligent programming, we focus on building strength, endurance and confidence while improving your technique and skill. Using functional training, HIIT, circuit-based cardio and resistance training, each class has a different focus to help you progress and avoid plateaus.


Strength & conditioning. Aerobic and anaerobic work, calisthenics and resistance training come together in this powerful total-body workout. Expect kettlebells, burpees, dumbbells and lots of sweat!

T.U.T 45

Keep it tight. Cardio takes a back seat in this 45-minute class. Time under tension (T.U.T), resistance training and compound lifts combine for a total body burn designed to keep you feeling strong and lean.


Using a combination of kettlebells, dumbbells and dynamic bodyweight moves, bootcamp is a full body, explosive workout which will leave you feeling the best, strongest version of yourself.


Take it to the next level. It’s all about HIIT in our sweatiest, most explosive class. Test your mind and body, fire up your metabolism and leave feeling stronger than ever.