Using a scientific approach to fitness, our Strength classes boost metabolism and maximise the body’s hormonal response to exercise. With smaller class sizes and intelligent programming, we focus on building strength, endurance and confidence while improving your technique and skill. Using functional training, HIIT, circuit-based cardio and resistance training, each class has a different focus to help you progress and avoid plateaus.


Enter the blend. Take on a mix of strength moves and conditioning work with an added core blast to give those abs the extra burn. Perfect your form, flex your technique and leave the class feeling fearless.


Tighten up and buckle in, this one’s going to burn. With a focus on resistance, time-under-tension and powerful strength moves, this is our signature muscle-building class – and it’s here to keep you lean, toned and ready for anything.


It’s your classic circuits-style workout with an added Psycle twist. Move through up to 10 stations of timed resistance and cardio intervals, bounce off the energy of your classmates and work every muscle in your body. The positive Psycle starts here.


Load up and power through in Pyscle’s sweatiest, most explosive workout. Expect high-energy conditioning, plyometrics and mind-over-matter moves designed to fire up your metabolism for the whole day. Ready for the challenge? You got this.