From challenging vinyasas and targeted functional flows to nourishing yin classes, our yoga classes are designed to leave you feeling energised, strong and restored. Whether it’s sweating through an intense flow or relaxing the mind and body, our yoga classes harness the power of music and energy to give you a deep physical and emotional release.


Half workout, half release. This hybrid class brings together Power Flow and Yin After Dark to get you energised and sweaty before dropping down to the mat to find your calm. The perfect antidote to stress.


Our 60-minute beginners class. By breaking down the basic postures and building strength through drills, you'll leave with all of the tools you need to start your practice.


The next step after our Foundations class. This practice follows the rhythm of your breath in a steady and balanced flow. Equal parts strength, length and release, it promises to leave you feeling open in mind and body.

power flow

Designed to raise your heart rate through challenging cardio sequences, this rigorous, athletic practice weaves together poses that condition, strengthen and lengthen the entire body for the ultimate reset.

Ride Instructor