Our Workouts


From energetic combos to heavy hill sprints, Psycle Ride is fast-paced, music driven, and seriously sweaty. Our flagship workout is a group experience you can lose yourself in.


If you know, you know. Train like a dancer and perform like an athlete with Psycle Barre. Doable at every stage of fitness, the Barre burn doesn’t just deliver results, it helps make you better at every other workout.


Start here, and you’ll burn calories all day. Efficient, effective, and explosive, Psycle Strength is a range of workouts designed to build endurance and confidence, created for a range of skill levels and goals, so you can find something you love —  that really works.


Lose yourself in the flow of Psycle Yoga. Our powerful practice is athletic and rejuvenating, with a range of workouts, from energetic and physical to emotional and meditative, all designed to let you train harder.

Ride Instructor